October 20, 2007

Music Within


In Progress


Photography by Albane Navizet

In the Shadow of the Moon

A wonderful documentary that has taken me to space and back in less than 120 minutes. The true story of a few astronauts who have attempted to reach the moon, some who have orbited around it, and a handful who actually set foot on it.

trisweb-1090652593In the Shadow of the Moon is one of the most fascinating movies I have seen in the past year. It has taken me on a motivationally breathtaking adventure and you walk out of the theater wanting to shoot for the moon itself, telling yourself that even if you miss, you'll still land among stars. Some footage I had never seen before was fabulously edited and blended with interviews of all of the astronauts still alive who were a part of the Apollo missions. There are things that were said that moved me to my very soul, affirmations that inflamed passions in me, and images from which existential questions arose. None of the footage has been retouched, none computerized, and it all originated from real NASA archives.

I ultimately walked out of there with a deeper awareness of what our purpose is as humans, but also individually. It made me feel like I ought to be somebody special, but in complete awareness of the hard work and responsibility such an achievement requires.

HIghly Recommended.

July 18, 2007

The Intent to Live


My latest blog entry reads, 'Posted on March 7, 2007.' It has been 115 days since I last updated my blog. 115 days of growing, so there is a lot of catching up to do, let me tell you. But frankly, I have been sitting here in B&N for already 3 hours and I haven't found any inspiration at all. I came here to write, and I just ended updating sections of my website, listening to some amazing Brandi Carlile music, and reading the Scientific American Mind (interesting stuff about intuition) instead.

While sitting here doing my work (supposedly), Savanna and Sara came to visit me. They may have been some sort of angels actually, I just couldn't tell. We had a short, but fabulous talk about life, god, passion, spirituality, and let me tell you something, I grew, again. It's like, I can never stop growing, and while this whole planet sometimes feels like it has devolved to the point that what we want, what we desire, isn't love, or passion, or power anymore, but meaninglessness, I constantly see potential in human beings! Everything I do surrounds these pieces of my life that often change; so I tell myself that maybe I've changed, and I need to re-introduce myself, constantly, for I am growing everyday. I am going to have to introduce myself to my mother, to my father when I see them again. And while you're reading this thinking you know me, you don't, because I don't know me myself. And that is the reason why I sometimes hear people say, "that does fit in the box that we have for you," but I'm in no box, it's just that god's changing me, in my own quest of bettering myself and touching people. This is really one of the only things left in the world that is very exciting to me: there's always something about ourselves that we can share with our loved ones.

What I want to get across to you today is the importance of reality. People need to get real again and stop putting on costumes all the time. There are quantities of human beings out there, but unfortunately many more faces, for all of us have several. Same thing with relationships; people are interested in other people, and then put on the make up, put on the perfume, and do things that they will never, ever do again, and wonder why so many marriages end up being divorced. Be who you truly are and you'll attract love, real love. That's what the praise to god is all about, doing your passion, fulfilling your goals. And that's what my take on God is. He's just my best friend, always here with me, always in my head. As long as I live life with passion and purpose, he'll be with me, supporting me in all of my successes. I don't have to kneel, put on a show, or any of that; I just have to use the gifts he has given me to better myself and the ones around me. That's how you say you are thankful for the opportunity you have to be alive, by using your gifts to bring out a positive message, change minds, and inflame passions.

I don't usually talk about business in my blog entries, but I can make an exception. We have a lot going on right now as a company. We (Celebrity International) as a new conscious based Entertainment Company, being a new hybrid between a Publishing, a Marketing, and a Production Company, are right on time to open up a new, neo-pop, 'green,' sustainable, eco-friendly market, which is the best answer to the demand for hip and cool, yet positive, spiritual, and 'green' products made by the various bookstores, TV channels, and film executives, key keepers of the chains separating the common people to the trusted leaders, still embracing our boundless faith in their ability to bring to us consumers out of the box productions. We have for intent --by fusing new and traditional media approaches to support the coming shifts in our society, and through the publication of books, magazines, the airing of TV and radio shows, the internet, films, personalities, etc -- to tell the 'story' of those who have, intend, or already are living life with passion. What makes us different from other companies out there is our separation from the corporate identity, scarcity, and upheavals -- once few and far between, are now becoming all too commonplace on the local business these days -- surrounding it. We have experienced major changes in the past year in order to be ready to fulfill this exponential demand by the consumer, while still keeping the amazing 15-year-connections to the entertainment industry that the company has to make this task possible.

Our main focus though has been on the book publishing company (check website: Celebrity International Press) that we started over a year ago now. We are committed to publishing books that inspire and empower the reader, and we already have no less than 16 books scheduled to come out before the end of 2008 (some surprise Celebrity books as well, from which TV shows, radio talks, and films will result). A lot of interesting things happening. I will try to keep you updated on all of this as well!!

What more, I started playing Golf at the Seal Beach Navy Golf Course (I'm being serious about it too) and I am actively pursuing an acting career, which, by the way, is my main focus at the minute. More information about it soon. My wonderful acting coach Ellen Gerstein, also an actress and director, produced this wonderful movie here: Waiting for Ronald. Check out the media page for trailers and interviews.

Finally, you have to go and check my dear friend Monique Marvez's website! You can listen to her Morning Talk Show, ''Monique, And The Man'' every morning from 5am to 9am on 100.7 Jack FM! She's the best, I gotta tell you! Thank you for your support Monique!

Also, I should be starting on a new book before the end of the summer if everything goes the way it's supposed to! Will keep you on the loop of things, as always!

Here are some pictures from my trip to New York

DSC_98011 DSC_6783mDSC_9786_developedz.jpg

Photography by GPR the greatest and Marc Yankus.

March 7, 2007

Passion Goes a Long Way


I can't tell you right now that the decisions I'm making in life are the right ones. All I can say is that I am striving to follow my instincts and do the right things. Somehow, deep inside, one always tends to know what the right things to do are, but yet, still, often question these things due to the strong pressures that we are all under, living in this society. The more one favors cultural diversity, the more one gravitates towards being presented difficult life choices. In other words, the more I lean towards doing as much as I can, the harder it gets for me to, when the day come, make a choice between the {too} many activities I want to do. I have just lately been in that situation. For the ones who did not know, I started racing when I was eleven years old and have been loving it more than anything else in this world. However, the trade-offs the sport presents one to are not of the fairest. Too often do we, racers, tend to sacrifice as much as possible in order to be successful, without fully thinking what the consequences will be once doing so. We will all agree that it is a dangerous sport and that it brings very little in return, but for the personal satisfaction and adrenaline. Now, I won't go into details but have had quite a few major injuries, and about 6 or 7 surgeries, if not more. Sometimes, I sit back at my computer desk in the cold of my room, and stay there for a while, thinking. "Gosh, is that what life is all about? It could all stop by tomorrow for what I know." Oh yes, for what we know huh? What do we know really? That's where it all becomes pathetic really but what can I do about it anyway besides try to make the best out of the life I have been given. So let us do that; our best.

I am digressing right now from the main point which is that I am struggling in letting go of racing. I have been presented lately to a few life-messages (these happen sometimes you know, as if some higher power tries to tell you something) and I have come to realizing that the other feats I am getting myself involved in are much more important than the risks I would be taking while racing a motorcycle. Therefore, I have decided to be working on letting go of the old, to allow the new to come in and blossom. Nonetheless, I still can't stop being reminded of the good times I have had racing and the many hours dad and I spent on the road, going to the races for days on end, traveling all over France and Germany, telling each other stories, listening to our favorite bands, laughing, teasing in the sun and in the rain, comfortable knowing we were doing the right things. We stuck together for good and bad. I let him take some of the punches sometimes, when I was too weak and vulnerable, scared of the unknown, scared of letting go; that’s okay though, because we’re the same souls. God knows how much I learned. I realized that I was only a 16 year-old kid, and had much to learn. I saw the world in a different light. It was not Kamy and the rest of the world anymore; it was the whole world with Kamy in it. Surprise! Yeah, that can hit you pretty hard sometimes. I pulled through it very well though; I guess, I do that, adapt. So again, now it is time to acclimatize and move on. There is so much I want to accomplish I should not even start a list now... it'll flow and I'll let you know as I go. On the big picture though, acting is one of the main things I want to do; one of the major goals.

I have been going over my website just now and realized that there is not a whole lot about 'Sitting In Paradise.' The book has been and is a huge part of my life today, as is publishing, and the many things my partners and I are doing. I am planning on giving that one section of the website some lovin' very soon! It truly deserves it, and it would even give you some more information about me, who I am, what I do, and how I strive to do it. Fun stuff, I hope. But hey, I am just thinking right now, things are just starting to come together. I just recently listened to Steve Job's very simple, yet amazing, speech, and the man speaks the truth. He says, "You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards; you have to believe in something, because knowing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, and that will make all of the difference!"

I once heard that it was good to end a paper using a quote. Well, I am not ending a paper here, but rather moving, again, onto a new chapter in my life; therefore, I picked someone I thought you'd like. Montel William said that he will be the only person owning the definition of who he is. Whether you believe that's the way it is, or not, it does not really matter, as long as you find what's right for you; but in this situation, in my situation, I believe that the story of your life is only just about you, and really, you decide what will be the report that’s written, because it is your choice to choose, what it’s going to look like. Off to more adventures now... to find that which I seek.

Here's some pictures of my trip to New York City as well ,which I just got back from this week. It was my first time in the city and I really had a blast. Our meetings for the publishing company and the diverse other things we do went really well.


Photography by Ryu Kodama San.

February 4, 2007

CMC Golden Cup Series

DSC_7326.jpgIt has been a little while since I last updated my website and blog, but everything that has been happening in my life has kept me extraordinarily busy, yet it has been wonderful. I have actually been racing quite a lot in the past two months and have not had the time to do as much of the other things I love to do. Writing being one of them, traveling another; and now that I find myself back in school, it is keeping me even busier! Indeed, I have just started another semester in college and am mainly taking literary courses, for now. We shall see what is to come next, of course. That being said, and since I have been racing a lot, let me briefly summarize it for you. It would be much too painful to go into all of the details, and even though I love details and believe they are what makes this world so beautiful, there is simply just too much to discuss here. What is important to remember is that I started, as of January the 14th, to race the CMC Golden Cup nationals. After four rounds, I find myself leading the series, and with 3 races to go, I feel confident and strong to go and get the job done properly. As mentioned in December, I am just out there racing to have fun, and a lot of fun I am, indeed, having. So that's the story really, and even though I am having fun and just want things to stay this way, I am still taking it seriously and train as much as I can. I feel better and more comfortable on the bike week after week, and I am happy that this is so.

Also, I have had some of my family visiting recently. My dad came here for about three weeks and had a great time. I took him, as well as my brother and his girlfriend (who arrived a week or so after him) to watch the Supercross at the Anaheim Angel Stadium on the 4th of January. It is really a great show worth watching, and I highly recommend it to anyone. After a month of exciting adventures with all of them, I find myself with some more time to fulfill a few of the duties life has presented me to; I am going to be extremely busy in the next couple of months, racing, working, as well as doing some traveling to NYC and San Francisco. Of course, I will be blogging about all of these exciting experiences. Furthermore, more about 'Sitting in Paradise' is to come as we are all fervently working hard in making sure it hits the shelves by the fall of this very year. Plus, more videos, more pictures in the gallery, and a forum will very soon be added. So, a lot of good thing to come in a very near future. I, again, want to thank everybody who is behind me, supporting me, and every single one of you out there who believe in me. It is not only just for myself that I strive hard, but for the ones I love, and the people wanting me to succeed.

While you are waiting for the gallery to improve, here are some of my favorite pictures taken at the CMC races.




Photography by Ryu Kodama San.

January 2, 2007

Second at Pro/Am Championships: 12/31/2006

aa.jpg First of all, may the year 2007 be a fun and wonder-filled year for all of you and may you all be healthy and living life fully, in both, beauties and duties! I had the opportunity to end 06' on a good note and did so. I, along with the rest of the crew (Randy, Toni, Kent, Tracy, Lennie, Billie, and my dad Daniel), went to Glen Helen on New Year's Eve for the Pro/Am Championships held there once a year. It was a beautiful day and also the best way for all of us to say goodbye and move on to a new year. I am, by the way, very excited about this upcoming year and can not wait to see what kind of wonders it is going to bring, as I am certain it will bring abundance and more beauties to the lives of the ones who will allow it to do so. So, let us pray that everything that is going to happen, will happen for good reasons, and let us enjoy ourselves completely.

We got to the Glen Helen Race Track really early in the morning as practice started at 730am. The track was great and very well prepared, as it always is over there anyway and I was genuinely enjoying myself. In the first race, I started off in second position before taking the lead to Pugmire. After a couple of laps, he passed me, I passed him back, and we battled for a little while before he took over and left winning the race. I know that if I had had a better physical condition, I could have held on to the lead to the checkered flag; I ended second, while Jeff Loop third. I took the holeshot in the second moto and lead until a lap to go. Again, I had to give the lead up as I could hardly hold on to the bike, but I am satisfied with it for right now. And as Lennie Combs would say: "There only one story that's shorter than second place, which in the end is not too bad anyway." Ah! I have until the 14th of January to get some more fitness back, and I am looking forward to competing in all of the six CMC rounds and hope to do good in the series. I will keep you all updated!

That being said, I have to be thankful for all the support I have had in 06' and I want to thank everybody that has helped me thus far in my life. I could not be any happier and I am infinitely thankful to be here today, writing these lines, and sharing some more of my life with you now. Without my parents, my close friends and sponsors, whom I will dedicate an entry on this blog very soon, none of that would have ever been possible. Indeed, it is very comforting to know that not only I am driven to be successful for myself, but also for the love that so many people have sent my direction over the years. It is wonderful to know that we are not alone, and it is even more amazing to understand the necessities of us all fighting together for the greater good of human beings; that again leading towards different things I should not be discussing here. Anyway, thank you everyone for the breathtaking support and help you have provided me with in 2006, and know that 07' will be even more emotionally elevating.



Top photo by Ryu Kodama , group pic by Lennie Combs, other two by Randy Olsen and race photos by James Whitehill.

A great thanks to Kevin at Pro Circuit as well for the amazing work he has done on my bikes.

December 25, 2006

Second at REM Motocross: 12/23/2006


Last Saturday was my second time back racing since I dislocated my shoulder two months ago and I decided to go to Glen Helen for the usual REM race that takes place about 48 times a year. It was a good surprise to see the entire Mx Heaven crew showing up with all of their riders from overseas (Sweden, England, Ireland). Motocross Champion David Vuillemin also decided to join us on his brand new MDK Honda and it was a great honor to be able to talk to him, but most importantly, it was a great honor to be able to, for once, race with him.

Practice went really well and the brand new REM track was a lot of fun. It was both technical and fast, and some of the jumps even were a bit challenging. I went there with a clear head, just ready to get some riding done, and was riding a brand new Kawasaki 450, which I am barely just getting accustomed to. Also, since I have just gone through some injuries, I lack a bit on the fitness side and I really need to put some hours down so that I don't get tired right away. Nonetheless, I was pleased to just be out there, and could not have been any happier to get both holeshots. In the first race, I lead for about two laps until David went by and left winning the moto while I ended up in second place. Swedish rider Bjorn Anderson got third while REM legend Tony Amaradio took fourth. The second moto's scenario was very similar to the first one except that I went off the track once and down a couple times. I still managed to take third and am satisfied thusly. The guys from Motocross Action Magazine were there as well and wrote a little summary of the race that you can check right here . Overall, it was a good day of riding and learning, and quite a satisfaction to pull a couple holeshots. I am going to practice twice this week: Wednesday in Lake Elsinore and Thursday in Glen Helen. Also, I will be racing the Pro/Am Race on New Years Eve at the Glen Helen Racetrack .

Finally, just go and check David's entry on the Race here

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

~ Kamy




Photography by talented and amazing human being Ryu Kodama .

November 25, 2006

Temecula Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, we all went to the Temecula Wineries and found a marvelous place where we could shoot. We had a great day, and loads of fun. One thing that I will probably remember forever is that since we're professionals, we used the Chevy's headlights for the late evening shoots, and unfortunately, at some point, we all kind of realized that the lights were diminishing. Of course, the battery went dead. What is so funny about it is that we were literally in the middle of nowhere and had actually no clue as to what to do. We all kind of tried our hardest and put our intentions and all of our energies into getting the thing going, but really could not. That's where reality kicks in! So we strolled down the hill to that one house we could see lit on the horizon and walked in. It was obvious though that they would have a dog, and even if I wished to have seen a Chiwawa running up towards us, it was not. At first, the Rottweiler was not so happy to see us, and tons of questions went rushing in my head; indeed, anyone with half a brain would have figured that one out: One never knows if the house owner posted sign reading 'Beware of Dog" just to frighten prowlers, or if there is really a vicious dog nearby, or if 'Dog' is merely the owner's nickname for a deep pit, and it is most disconcerting to find that you have brought steaks marinated in sleeping potion when you should maybe have brought a sturdy pair of folding stilts, or vice versa. Nonetheless, we survived, and the house owner came running out at our rescue, and gently proposed to help. We got the truck started and all got home safely!

D811581A-5AF3-44CD-B8FB-70FA36A75713.jpg This picture right here is one of my favorites. It is very inspirational and so much comes out from it. So, if you were to ask me what this picture means to me, I would have to go back to the places I grew up in. Growing up in France, in a caring family, certainly did me really good. I know I have had a fun, happy, and healthy childhood, and it will definitely be the tone of my life: Happy Memories. I realized not long ago, that memories are what drives me to move forward, and bring joy and happiness to people’s lives. Having a car, a house, or anything really, is not what makes you complete; it is not what makes you who are. I could not even picture my life today without being able to think of the time I spent growing up in schools in France, at home with my family, fighting with my brother, teasing my baby sister, breaking the rules with my friends, and still getting away scratch less or unnoticed; not to even mention the many years spent on a motocross track, racing and competing; but most importantly, going places and meeting people I will remember forever. Most of society or culture, it seems, is lost in confusion and chaos, a veil that clouds people's true vision, that blocks who they truly are, holds them from being present. I can see, in this picture, on my face, an air of admiration, or should I say, inevitably, an air of remembrance? Remembrance of who, or what, I do not know, but the looks on my face often have me wonder. What is reflected here, is the young boy who grew up in France, in the fields, where winter days are beyond cold, summer days beyond hot. But this passionate boy had dreams, and he strove for them, leaving everything he had at home, and going to America, a few dollars only in his pocket. Even though it is the same person, many events separate the times of the little boy mentioned here, and the times of the character represented on the picture, highly shaping who I have become over the years.

After spending over a year sleeping in a shed, the mice finding home beneath his bed, in an old room he cleaned in a workshop in Perris, CA, the boy made arrangements with himself and decided that he, too, had a message to share. It did not really matter to me that I was broke, sleeping a bunk bed, my clothes on most nights; I still could take a nice, warm, shower everyday, and have a well-deserved meal every night. I had to start somewhere, but I had dreams, and I had made it that far already. Now, I feel I am only a few steps away from where I want to be, as a racer, as an author, but essentially as a human being, and fulfilling my mission is bringing me closer to that. If to have written just only for myself has impacted me that much, to share with you some of my stories, and some of my ideas, is going to even have a greater impact on my life.

So, this is what this picture has given me: more hope, more things to strive for, and the will to be successful.

Love Always,

~ Kamy

Check The Video Here

5604A528-54B5-48D6-A7FD-576059BFB2E9.jpg 2483679D-27AA-4A0F-9F5A-D609D108FCEB.jpg06544443-448F-4292-96EA-1BB8058D2A61.jpgF476A66F-1B3D-457E-9241-6BB25D9BB2BC.jpg


November 2, 2006


Picture%204.png A few weeks back now, Pro Surfer and friend Yves Bright and myself had the honor to meet for a little chat at the Frank Art Gallery 's exhibition 'Flow' (Fine Lines On Water). It was, by the way, quite impressive: great artists, great people, great fun, you should check it out (in Santa Monica until November 18th). Yves and I can be seen interacting here. They have been kind enough to include our short video into their website. Also, I feel it is a good time to announce that I may be racing the Surfercross next year with Yves (if I can manage to learn how to surf by then, and Yves how to ride a motorcycle). It is a 'once a year' two-day event, combining top motocross riders and pro surfers. The first day is dedicated to racing, the next to surfing - combine the scores and see who wins! It should definitely be a lot of fun, and a lot of racers/surfers will participate. I will, of course, keep you informed as to what happens, and when it happens. As a quick side note, I just want to add here that I have just received my new bikes and that I am now aiming to racing the Ama Supercross series, from January (opening round in Anaheim, CA) to May (final round in Las Vegas, NV).


~ Kamy

October 26, 2006

Mike Douglas Tribute

Picture%203.png If you had asked me last week who Mike Douglas was, I would probably have looked at you with an air of uncertainty. He was a television character and had his show, The Mike Douglas Entertainment Hour , running from the early 1960s to the early 1980s. Aired each week day, it rapidly became one of the most appealing show available at the time, and great performers, actors, singers, comics, sport figures, and more, appeared on the show, performing and chatting with Mike, in front of millions of viewers. Unfortunatelly, Mike passed away last August on his very 81st birthday, and everybody who's ever worked with him, known him, or even just watched his show, will remember him dearly. This event was, for me, a wonderful time of learning about who Mike was, but also, a wonderful time of sharing with wondrous and amazing people who have known him, and who were, at the time, celebrating what a man he has been, and how keenly he has touched America.

The tribute was held on Ocotober the 21st, at the Academy of Television, Arts and Science, also home of the very renown Emmy Award. It was an honor for me to have been invited to such an event, and I could not have been any more moved by it. It was wonderfully well produced, and Sincerity, as testimonials were given, flew in the air in a fashion I had never seen before. To me, at that time, it simply denoted what a kindred spirit he was; a gentle, honest, and generous man, who has set an example in television for so many years.

DSC_7013.jpg1 Honored as I am to have been part of it, I would very much like to thank, television producer, and former producer of the Mike Douglas Show, Rick Rosner (seen just here surrounded by famous producer Kenneth Johnson and myself) for involving me. It was, for everybody there, a heartwarming and inspirational tribute, and I was breathtaken by the genuine love everyone was candidly sending. All in all, Mike's example is really showing what an enormous potential we all, human beings, have to touch people and bring a little something to the world.

DSC_6501.jpg A lot of Mike Douglas' friends were present; they all gave amazing and wholeheartedly moving speeches. One of them was famous American actress and singer Della Reese (seen just here), whom you might remember from American television series Touched by an Angel She is a lovely sweet spirit and she attended the tribute with her most devoted and fond husband; in fact, a lovely man.

DSC_6937.jpg Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara , actor and commedian Ben Stiller 's parents, were present as well and gave a little 'demonstration' on stage of what a couple they are, recalling us all that they were, indeed, on top of the comedy game in the 1960s.

Also there was Celebrity International's Randy Olsen as well as the official Mike Douglas Tribute photographer, Ryu Kodama .

The Emmy ® statuette is the copyrighted property of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS/NATAS). ATAS/NATAS also own trademarks for the Emmy ® name and the Emmy ® statuette.